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Our History

Kistufell was founded in Reykjavik in the year 1952 by the brothers Jónas and Guðmundur Jónassons, born on the farm Vellir on Kjalarnes under the slopes of mountain Esja, north of Reykjavik. The farm is located at the roots of Kistufell, which is a part of mountain Esja.

The firm ran a motor workshop and motor spare parts shop at Brautarholt 16. This arrangement was changed in 1993/94. Then they splitted the firm in two parts, Varahlutaverslunin (spare parts shop) Kistufell and Vélaverkstæðið (motor workshop) Kistufell.

The Spare parts shop Kistufell got all the foreign agencies and the spare parts that belonged to the operation, but the Motor workshop Kistufell got all the tools and machines belonging to the running of the old company. Today those companies are two different and independent elements.

Varahlutaverslunin Kistufell is still located at Brautarholt 16.
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Opnunartími: Mánudaga - Föstudaga 9:00 - 17:00, neyðarsími um helgar: 898 2101
Varahlutaverslunin Kistufell | Sími: 562 2104 | Brautarholti 16 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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